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We all have that innate instinct within us to 'Know' danger when it approaches...

That powerful force that I speak about comes in the metaphor of a panther in my life.


For me, the panther symbolizes : Power, Strength, Agility, Poise and Fearlessness.

I believe that a likeness of this majestic creature dwells within all of us.


A creature of survival and mystique with the ability to hunt when it needs to!


The message I bring across is that anyone can survive and hunt for what they need,

but it is a choice to do so.


Unleash that powerful force and conquer what you dream of...but never fear traveling

the ' road of life ' by Yourself !

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We have all been there: unhappy with our appearance, we struggle to improve it by trying diets, exercising and some of us even go as far as trying cosmetic surgery.

No matter the age bracket, no one is impervious to vanity. We all feel the need to look good in order to feel good. In my 30 years of experience in the Health and Fitness podium, I realized that there is no other way to achieve feeling good other than working hard for it!

Most of my clients have considered liposuction as an alternative. I have no objections to that, except liposuction CAN NOT give you shape and firmness along with strength and stamina. While incorrect dieting can lead to undesired results.

What matters most is that the physique you want to achieve is attainable!

The key is to Believe and the best is yet to come...

Pictures speak louder than words. Decide today to transform the old body into the one you've always wished for!

Lets begin the journey together - Today!

Personal Training Price Breakdown

Training Programs Sessions per week Price
2 weeks 1 $105.00*
12 weeks 3 $3,893.40**
  5 $5,847.00**
2 weeks 1 $150.00*
  2 $125.00*
Diet and Nutrition
1 month Includes a diet plan to lose or gain weight and competition preparation. $150.00*
Personal Diet   $400.00*
Music Mixing
Music provided by client   $65.00*
Customized music   $100.00*
*tax not included
**tax include


  • Ms. Vancouver 1987 Lightweight Winner
  • Ms. Vancouver 1987 Overall Winner
  • Ms. British Columbia 1987 Lightweight Winner
  • Ms. British Columbia 1987 Overall Winner
  • Ms. Western Canada 1989 Lightweight Winner
  • Ms. Canada 1991 Lightweight Winner
  • IFBB Professional Division Since 1991

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19 Month Calendar, E-Book (Autobiography), In-Depth Workout Videos, and much more! Click on either image to purchase.



Click on the images above to procede to the Workout Videos or Fetish Videos...you can also view video samples from each catagory below.

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All Pics, Videos, Album Covers and Written Text Copyright Latia Del Riviero

Copyright 2011        

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